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Uplifting Stories of Radical Self-Acceptance, Truth & Transformation


 Divine Love is everything we came to BE.

This amazing anthology book offers uplifting stories from extraordinary humans that have radically transformed their lives to serve from a place of genuine love, compassion and grace.

These visionaries are serving with wings and crowns. These visionaries have courage beyond definition. These visionaries have a calling beyond comprehension. These visionaries know who they are without a doubt; change makers, way-showers and unconditional lovers of humanity.

The passion flowing through these pages is one of deep and nourishing love letters, poems and stories of miraculous moments experienced through a journey of radical self-acceptance, truth, transformation and unconditional love.

Thank you for honoring and supporting our journey!


Excerpt from my chapter: Finding the HAPPY in the Crappy, The Cadillac of Wheelchairs and Realizing my Source of Joy

This isolation and loneliness (compounded by the exorbitant amounts of pain, fatigue and mental decline) led to bitterness, resentment and depression. Losing bits and pieces of myself daily in mind, body and spirit, I resolved to hold on tightly to every ounce of independence that remained. I went to great lengths to ensure this occurred--regardless of the negative impact on me, my circumstances or whatever relationships I had left...

---Amanda Lindsey 

Posing on Rocks

Our Charity: Transforming Tumbleweeds

Our vision is a world where women do not feel alone with their struggles, where they feel empowered, where their voices are heard and they are worth love and kindness--even from a complete stranger.

We empower women to heal who can then empower other women.

our mission is to empower women's healing through the sharing and writing of their stories. To understand that they do not need someone else to fix them--they are not broken. They deserve love and respect regardless of their past or current circumstances.


Thank you for your support and for Sharing the Love!!!  

Hugs and Smiles

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